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SMIU Model School is striving hard in encouraging and promoting the innovative ideas of the young creative minds and thinkers of the post modern era so that their hidden talents and capabilities should be given the right track for the enlightenment of their minds and souls. In this regard students were assigned different learning and activity based projects beyond the books, in order to develop technical skills, scientific knowledge, and observational, analytical and practical approaches among them. Assigning different knowledge based models and projects aimed to manipulate their skills, which they have learnt through their academic career in order to enhance their capabilities to research innovative ideas and to find out the solutions of their problems. These projects were based on the themes "to show the links between science and daily life conditions, real outer physical world and art for art's sake". These activities focused on experimental, practical and observational approaches that how science and different branches of knowledge are important in our daily life. Besides this the main objectives were to develop full cognitive abilities among the students and to focus on the ideas of relation of men with outer physical world. All students were enthusiastic about such activities and they all participated actively with dedication in these projects.

Principal Mrs. Nabeela Kanwal along with Incharge and a Teacher showing art projects in which they have made different designs over glasses, cups and plates by painting. They also made pencil boxes, pencil holders and photo frames with ice cream sticks.

Principal along with Incharge, teacher and students of Class VIII A, showing project on Shah Faisal Mosque and National Mausoleum.

Class VIII G had worked on traffic lights and showing project, how traffic lights function to regulate the heavy traffics on the roads of Karachi.

Class VIII B have made project on 'the increase in population will always create problems in the country regarding their health issues, education and employment'.

Vice Principal Mrs. Zahida along with Ms. Najmus Sahar and students of class VIII G showing Computer Projects made through photo editing software Photoshop. Students merged two or more photos of themselves in a single photo. They introduced landscapes and beautifully architect buildings in their photos.

Vice Principal along with Mrs. Shabana Kareem showing different project models made by Class VII G on the themes of Marine Life, Animal Cell with its organelles, Respiratory System, Digestive System and Circuit and its functions.

Model display of Class VIII-G; in which students have made different art work on glass plates. They have made aprons and hand bags.

Celebration of 130 Foundation day at SMIU Model School

SMIU Model School, alma mater of founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and other heroes of the country has celebrated its 130th Foundation Day on Tuesday, September 01, 2015 with a great fervor and enthusiasm.

Teachers and students prepared wonderful programs in which colorful tableaus, stimulating and effective speeches and songs were presented. The Principal of SMIU Model School Ms. Nabeela Kanwal delivered welcome speech, in which she appreciated the tireless efforts and support of Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh. The chief guest, Mrs. Shaista Muhammad Ali appreciated the whole school management and teachers' efforts.

Independence Day at SMIU Model School

SMIU Model School celebrated 68th Independence Day with patriotic sprit. Students dressed in their traditional colorful dresses that increased the beauty of the day. SMI University was decorated with flags, balloons and bounties.

SMIU Model School students recited National anthem on band, which was appreciated by everyone. After flag hoisting ceremony a program held at SMIU's Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium. On this occasion the students of SMIU Model School and SMI University presented national and folk songs, and beautiful tableaus. Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh gave presidential address.

Typing Competition

SMIU Model School is having well equipped computers (core i5) with multimedia and smart board for students. Well qualified computer instructor involves students in different activities. Recently she has arranged typing competition among the students where secondary classes were involved. These types of activities always bring healthy competition among students.

Teachers and students prepared wonderful programs in which colorful tableaus, stimulating and effective speeches and songs were presented. The Principal of SMIU Model School Ms. Nabeela Kanwal delivered welcome speech, in which she appreciated the tireless efforts and support of Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh. The chief guest, Mrs. Shaista Muhammad Ali appreciated the whole school management and teachers' efforts.

Stroke Day

Stroke Day celebrated at SMIU Model School. A stroke is sometimes called brain attack. Occurs when a blockage stops the flow of blood to the brain or when a blood vessel in or around the brain burst. Stroke can occur in people of all ages. Stroke is a non communicable disease that attacks million of people worldwide every year. The stroke day was celebrated at SMIU Model School on 29th October 2015. The school stroke campaign aims to encourage people to understand stroke risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood cholesterol.

The day also promoted healthy living and ways to recognize the warming signs and how to take actions. Dr Nosheen gave awareness of the prevention and treatment of the condition and ensured better care and support for survivors.

Hand washing Day


SMIU Model School celebrated Hand Washing Day on 15th October 2014. It is the day which marks the annual Global "Hand Washing Day". The theme of this new topic was just chosen by the Principal behind the motif of "Raise a Hand for Hygiene". The main objective was behind that celebration to develop a norm of good hygiene in school, so that these students must serve in their regions, routines or communities as the champions of hygiene. Raising a Hand for hygiene collectively will lead to the new generation for the change, the positive change that can develop a healthy environment at School, community or in the towns.

We believe that health and development go hand in hand. Good health of students will ensure their presence in school and their active learning and growing up as the useful citizens of the society. Dr. Nosheen told to students that hand washing will prevent you from different diseases such as it helps to fight against Diarrhea deaths and diseases and it prevents from sickness. She further told to students that washing hands with soap will prevent from illness.

Furthermore Principal Ms. Nabeela Kanwal also discussed about the benefits of clean hands. She said that clean hands stop germs. She told that every year about 1.7 billion cases of childhood Diarrhea are reported. Hand washing will reduce the death risks upto 47%. It always reduces the spread of dirty and harmful germs which are harmful for a healthy man.

Principal told four steps of handwashing "Wet, lather, scrub and dry".

She mobilized and motivate students for handwashing and focused specially on "Clean hands, Save lives."

Puberty Day:

Puberty lecture was given at SMIU Model School on 26/09/2014. In this lecture female students of VIII, IX and X class were addressed.

Dr. Nosheen Shah addressed the signs of Puberty like physical changes and gender specific changes as well. The main purpose of organizing this lecture was just to give awareness to girls about the physical, emotional and psychological changes of puberty.

Breast Cancer Day

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is celebrated every year internationally and raised funds in order to do research and diagnose its major causes. In this regard SMIU Model School celebrated Breast Cancer Day on 16 October 2014.

On that day Dr. Nosheen gave the awareness to all SMIU Model School's Lady Teachers and students of secondary classes and answered to their queries as well regarding their health issues.

Students' Basic Medical Record Collection

Diabetes day:

Celebration of diabetes day at SMIU Model School was a completely new theme her chosen by Principal and CMO. SMIU Model School celebrated Diabetes day on 14th November'14.

Dr. Nosheen raised different issues regarding prevention from that disease and educated audience about the warning signs and risks associated with diabetes. And told about what to do if you suffer from that diseases. She also discussed the diet plan, different types of Diet and causes of Diabetes as well. We believe that education is important as diabetes can affect all aspects of life. We always keep on top priority health issues of all who are the part of SMIU Model School. The main purpose of that day celebration was just to inform to the people in order to live boldly with the conditions and treat it carefully.

Inter School Cricket Tournament

The history reflects the active role of SMI in co curricular activities. An Inter-School Cricket Tournament was set to enhance and appreciate the skill of students. In picture winning students of SMIU Model School joyfully posing and celebrating their victory with their Vice Principal Mr. Syed Wajid Ali and Section Incharge Mr. Ramesh P.J.