Computer Lab

SMIU Model School Has fully functional computer lab with latest core i5 computers and Smart Interactive Board. It caters to the needs of students of Primary and Secondary sections. We believe that a child should be fully equipped with computer knowledge and carry out his/her academic studies with the use of modern technology in the modern world, which can help them to get educational discourse easily and be in touch with globally, recognized scholars and institutes. Learning in this process of education will help them to face the challenges of the hi-tech world with confidence.

School Auditorium

SMIU Model School Has a fully air-conditioned auditorium, which provides the all possible opportunities to our students in order express their ideas, to show their talent and to develop their confidence level in form of presentations, debates, quiz competitions, speeches and theatrical performances. This auditorium also has inbuilt multimedia with high length screen,

where students are shown different educational documentaries, videos lectures of scientists, speeches of great leaders as well as English movies in order to provide the best quality education according to the standard of modern world and to develop their language skills. It is also used for delivering lectures and students performances, activities, and co-curricular activities.

School Library

A library implies an act of faith which generations, still in darkness hid; sign in their night in witness of the dawn"(Victor Hugo)

SMIU Model School has its own well structured and well stocked library. We believe that books are one of the best tools for transformation of ideas from writers to readers.

To inculcate the reading habits among the students; a great volume of interesting and informative books are available in the library for the students. There are separate reading and reference sections for the students.

Sports Ground

A vast playground is available in the school which provides opportunities to students to play during their leisure time and to remain physically fit. The ground is wide in length where students can play cricket, football and hockey. Physical Teacher (PT) arranges for students many sports activities in the ground as well for their physical health. Students enjoy playing here.

Medical Unit

Development of healthy environment and active learning atmosphere depends up on the number of factors, including the sound health of students as well. SMIU Model School has well equipped health care dispensary where well qualified Doctor is serving. Health awareness sessions are being conducted every week according to the students' needs and their health issues. Yearly health report is being sent to parents individually.

Simplex Sound System

Our classes are equipped with simplex sound system which helps to carry out different teaching and learning activities, especially for English and Sindhi listening skills.


A unique feature of the institution is the presence of two mosques, i.e., Shia Mosque and Sunni Mosque. Both the mosques are available for the students to perform their religious obligations.