SMIU Model School aims to provide a balanced, varied school curriculum designed to meet the academic, cultural, and social needs of individuals. It provides the most joyful, safe, caring and disciplined environment that promotes growth in wisdom, knowledge and responsible freedom.

SMIU Model School has two systems of Education; one is 'O' Level Cambridge System and second is Matric System of education. 'O' Level is for classes I & V, has By 'From 2014' while the Matric system is from I to X (Science group) with medium of instruction English/ Sindhi.

Boys section from VI to X (Science group) medium of instruction is English/ Sindhi, English/ Urdu.SMIU Model School has double-shift schooling as well, morning shift for 'O' Level and 'A' Level classes, and afternoon shift for Matric classes.

Co-curricular Activities

Curricular and co-curricular activities are very important for students' holistic development. The aims of co-curricular activities other than academics are pertinent to students' life as they contribute to their success in and outside the school. In fostering the strength of children, it is important to help young people steer away from undesirable behavior. Co-curricular activities lead to a higher self esteem. Such activities promote positive characteristics in students as they move into adult life. For co-curricular activities, it is necessary that teachers and students take on various responsibilities which enhance their leadership skills.

SMIU Model School strongly believes in developing students' overall personalities. The following clubs are working:

  • Environmental Action Club
  • Sports Club
  • Drama & Tableau Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Science Club
  • Art & Craft Club
  • Reading Club

Academic Calendar For Year 2016-17

Date of Assessment
Test PTM
18th-22rd May 2015 1st Bimonthly 29th May 2015(Fri)
14th - 18th Sep 2015 2nd Bimonthly -
13th- 24rth Oct 2015 1st Term Exam 14 Nov
1st- 7th Dec 2015 3rd Bimonthly -
18th - 25th Jan 2016 4rth Bimonthly 13th February 2016(Saturday)
1st- 14th Mar 2016 Annual Exam 2015-16 -

Term-wise Days:

Term Teaching Days Examination Days Total
First 86 10 96
Second 96 15 111
Total Days in both Terms 207