SMIU Model School (Boys & Girls)


Sindh Madressatul Islam is one the oldest modern Muslim educational institutes of South Asia. It was founded on 1st September, 1885 in Karachi, with the objectives to impart best quality modern education to the people of Sindh. It was founded by a group of Sindhi Muslim visionaries led by Khan Bahadur Hassan Ally Effendi.

Education is perhaps one of the most important thing that every individual has right to obtain. The effects and benefits of education are virtually and endless.

SMIU Model School is striving hard from very beginning to create a harmonious balance between the academic demands of the contemporary world and socio cultural needs of the state. It provides a challenging and a competitive environment to the students in order to develop a healthy learning environment, curiosity and motivation in them for learning and growth.

SMIU Model School believes that what students know is important and a true measure of students' education is the ability to analyze what they do not know. Students are always encouraged to explore, to inquire, to solve and to discover. The School is proud of its academic achievements in school and board examinations as well as in co-curricular activities.


"Enter to Learn, Go forth to Serve"


The mission of SMIU Model School is to impart the best quality education that can foster academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual growth, social consciousness which fits best to the healthy environment. Our students will be able to face the challenges in a competitive environment and will cope up the needs of today's advanced modern world as intellectually, psychologically and socially grown up responsible citizens.

Our Core Values

  • Standard Quality Education
  • Great Achievement for All
  • Respect for Human Differences
  • Responsible Citizen
  • Flair and Discipline